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  • Eggless Cake (Wheat Flour | Atta)

    Eggless Cake (Wheat Flour | Atta)

    Hot Desserts December 15, 2017

    How to make Eggless Cake: Mix Wheat flour, Sugar, Condensed Milk, Fresh Cream, Baking Soda and Baking Powder in a bowl. Add Milk (approx 1/2 Cup) to adjust the consistency. Whisk the batter to make it thick and smooth. Grease the baking pan with oil/...

  • Instant Gulab Jamun (Using Gulab Jamun mix)

    Instant Gulab Jamun (Using Gulab Jamun mix)

    Hot Desserts November 25, 2017

    How to make Sugar Syrup: Add water in a deep pan. Add sugar and cardamom powder Stir well and bring it to boil Tip: For best flavor use Cardamom powder and Saffron. How to make Gulab Jamun balls
: In a mixing bowl mix gulab jamun mix, khoya, maida. A...